The objective of St Vincent is to educate Deaf children subject to the approval of the Governing Body of the School and subject to the policy guidelines approved by The Dominican Sisters.

St Vincent is proud of its Christian foundation and follows Christian worship at assemblies and services.  At the same time, the school accommodates the variety of religions of its pupils and Life Orientation classes teach understanding and tolerance of all religions.


St Vincent School believes in the holistic development of Deaf learners and encourages the use of South African Sign Language and teaches reading, writing and speaking in English.

There is a Pre-Primary section, a Foundation Phase, an Intermediate Phase and a High School that begins from Grade 7.  Audio rehabilitation and Speech Therapy are available to all learners but access to these essential tools is limited.  Bridging classes are also offered for those learners who face additional challenges besides deafness.

Learners who cope with the regular Department of Education curriculum can complete their Grade 12 National Senior Certificate Examinations.  However, learners who struggle with the academic programme have the opportunity to move into the vocational stream at the end of Grade 9 which offers NQF - National Qualifications Framework in metal work, woodwork and upholstery.