Speech Therapy and Audiology Department


Both Speech Therapy and Audiology services are offered at St Vincent School for all learners. There are two dual-qualified therapists working in the Department, each of whom is responsible for speech and audiological needs of roughly 135 learners.



Each class attends Speech Therapy twice a week, in a group. Areas focused on include Sign Language development (especially for the younger children); speech-reading (more commonly referred to as lip-reading); speech production; and listening skills (for any who can).




All hearing aids and cochlear implant processors are cared for through this department. Annual hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments, and general maintenance of audiological assistive devices are completed here.



Therapists take a full and active role in school life, being involved in sports days, cultural events hosted at school, plays, Orientation Days, and classroom management of learners. Linked to the latter, they are involved in the School Based Support Team. Disability Grants and Care Dependency Grants are largely referred to this Department, and monthly screening for Pre-Primary and Junior Primary learners is carried out prior to scheduled ENT appointments.