According to the schools act of 1996:


  • Section 39 - Schools may charge school fees.
  • Section 40 - Parents are liable for school fees.
  • Section 41 - Schools may enforce payment.




means -


  • gross salary or wages;
  • money received from investments; and
  • profit gained from any form of business undertaking.


"combined annual gross income of parents"

means -

the annual gross income of the parents, calculated together, or, if a learner has only one parent, the total annual gross income of such parent.



means -

  • the biological parent or adoptive parent guardian of a learner;
  • the person legally entitled to custody of a learner; or
  • the person who undertakes to fulfill the obligations of a person referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) towards the learner's education at school.


"automatic exemption"

means -

the total exemption available to:

a person who has the responsibility of a parent in respect of a child placed in -

  • a foster home;
  • a youth care centre;
  • a place of safety; or
  • an orphanage.

Legal documents are required for any automatic exemption.

An annual application for the exemption or partial exemption of school fees can be made.

The following information and relevant documents are to be submitted with your application. If the relevant documents are not submitted, your application will be rejected.

  • ID documents of both biological parents.
  • Copy of your marriage certificate / divorce agreement (settlement agreement).
  • Unabridged copies of all your children's birth certificates.
  • If you are employed, copy of a current salary slip, not older than three months.
  • Bank statements of the last three months (copies or internet statements must be stamped with the banks date stamp).
  • If you are self employed, your most recent audited financial statements from a registered accountant.
  • Copy/ies of your most recent tax return.
  • Decleration of all investments.
  • Should you be unemployed, a letter from the Department of Labour that you are registered as a job seeker. In addition, a form from the school filled in and stamped by all the Banks that you do not have or operate a bank account.
  • In the event of the applicant being a pensioner, a copy verifying your status as a pensioner and the amount of pension you receive monthly for this current year.
  • Copy of your utility bill, preferably a Water and Lights Account not older than 3 months.
  • If the applicant is widowed, a copy of the death certificate of the deceased parent.
  • If the applicant is the Legal Guardian of the learner. The court documents stating Guardianship.
  • Copy of Care Dependency Grant, if Grant was declined copy of letter.